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406, 2020

Revival of the Special Interest Group SQL Server Internals

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Frank Geisler, Uwe Ricken and Torsten Strauß revive the SIG - SQL Server Internals Group after a long break. As before, we focus on the SQL Server Engine only, which has been expanded with several features in the SQL Server 2019 and thus certainly offers interesting topics. If you are interested in a certain topic, just send us an email or talk to Frank, Uwe or me directly.

604, 2020

Design principles of the in-memory OLTP engine – Avoid CPU and memory overhead for interpreted T-SQL

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In this blog, I explain why the in-memory OLTP engine is significantly faster than the traditional on-disk engine. T-SQL is interpreted code with high CPU and memory overhead when SQL Server has to compile the command before it can be executed by the engine. In-memory OLTP reduces the number of recompilations, which may lead to much faster query execution with less impact on CPU and memory.