may, 2019

sat18mayAll DayI will speak at SQL Saturday KyivPlan Caching(All Day: saturday) Hotel President, Hospitalna St, 12, Kyiv, Ukraine, 01601


With a few exceptions, SQL Server stores the execution plan for a query in the internal plan cache. In most cases, subsequent execution of a similar query will greatly benefit from this mechanism, but not in all cases. In this session, you will learn why and under what circumstances SQL Server caches execution plans. We will analyze the plan cache to identify performance issues, such as plan pollution, and how to avoid this. You’ll see the benefits and drawbacks of parameter sniffing for procedures and functions, and the differences between native compiled and interpreted stored procedures. Furthermore, we will analyze how the settings optimize for adhoc workloads and forced parameterization influence query execution and the re-use of cached plans.


All Day (Saturday)


Hotel President

Hospitalna St, 12, Kyiv, Ukraine, 01601