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My name is Torsten Strauß, a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for Data Platform from Germany. At the turn of the millennium, I discovered my passion for Microsoft SQL Server. I am specialized in performance tuning, troubleshooting, T-SQL programming and Microsoft Integration Services. I work closely with Sarpedon Quality Lab®, a company founded by the only German Microsoft Certified Solutions Master for the Microsoft Data Platform. You can meet me at international and national user groups and conferences where I regularly share my knowledge and experience with the Data Platform community.

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Individual Training For Individual People

With Microsoft SQL Server, you can do amazing things – sometimes it only needs a little support. As a Microsoft Certified Trainer and Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert, I offer professional training on SQL Server performance optimization, query tuning and data integration with Microsoft Integration Services. To stay up to date with this rapidly changing technology, I regularly attend conferences and training sessions from other experts myself.


Learning By Sharing

In my experience, it is best to learn by sharing your knowledge. Feel free to review my blog posts, ask questions, and leave feedback. Just drop me a note if you are interested in a particular topic.

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2020-06-04    Microsoft SQL Server    SQL Server Internals, Special Interest Group SQL Server Internals    0 comments

Frank Geisler, Uwe Ricken and Torsten Strauß revive the SIG - SQL Server Internals Group after a long break. As before, we focus on the SQL Server Engine only, which has been expanded with several features in the SQL Server 2019 and thus certainly offers interesting topics. If you are interested in a certain topic, just send us an email or talk to Frank, Uwe or me directly.

2020-04-06    Microsoft SQL Server    SQL Server Internals, SQL Server In-Memory OLTP    0 comments

In this blog, I explain why the in-memory OLTP engine is significantly faster than the traditional on-disk engine. T-SQL is interpreted code with high CPU and memory overhead when SQL Server has to compile the command before it can be executed by the engine. In-memory OLTP reduces the number of recompilations, which may lead to much faster query execution with less impact on CPU and memory.

2019-12-30    Microsoft SQL Server    SQL Server Internals, SQL Server In-Memory OLTP    2 comments

Microsoft introduced in-memory OLTP in SQL Server 2014, advertising that queries can be up to 100 times faster. In this blog series I will explain the design principles of the in-memory OLTP engine to explain why it has the potential to be significantly faster than the traditional on-disk engine by skipping the complexity of handling the data pages in the buffer pool and totally eliminates logical and physical reads which can result in much faster query execution and less CPU impact.